Advanced Security & Operations on AWS

Industrial Strength Security for Government and Enterprise.

Join us for a tour-de-force of the Amazon Web Services Platform and how to use its services to meet strict, modern security requirements in the context of the enterprise or government department/agency.

This instuctor-led course, by one of the industry's most recognised AWS Cloud experts in Australia, takes a detailed look through the AWS platform and shows you how to use these services to achieve the required level of security for your workload.

This course is offered at our centrally designated location, or can be delivered privately at your location with a minimum quota of 6 students (outside of Australia will incur travel & expenses costs).

At a glance
  • Format: Instructor-led, in-room
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Topic: Advanced Security & Operations on AWS
  • Cost: AU$3,000 per person ex GST, in Australia†
  • Note: bookings close 7 calendar days before session commences

† Enquiries welcomed worldwide.

What we'll cover

  • Understand the security and resilience implemented by the AWS Control Plane
  • Securing AWS credentials
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Federation of Identity to your existing Active Directory
  • Virtual Private Cloud: Design, Peering, Flow Logging, Routing, Direct Connect and VPNs, PrivateLink, Endpoints
  • Securing EC2: AMI Creation
  • Securing EBS
  • Using Elastic Load Balancing with client SSL Certificates, SAML 2.0 based Applications
  • Terminating HTTPS connections on ELB: Certificate Management, and Amazon Certificate Manager
  • CloudTrail for advanced and escrow use, across accounts, and alerting
  • CloudWatch Logs
  • Guard Duty
  • WAF & Shield
  • AWS Inspector
  • Securing RDS: SSL and Certificates
  • Securing S3: Policies and Endpoints
  • Securing SQS: Approaches and Payloads
  • Storage Gateway
  • Using IAM's Security Token Service
  • Using the Key Management Service and understanding the value of CloudHSM
  • IAM Policies: Generator, Simulator, and Managed Polices
  • 3rd Party Security Solutions
  • AWS Organisations
  • The Enterprise AWS Cloud Adoption
  • Leveraging AWS Support for Security
  • Compliance & Compliance Scope

Who should attend.

The content of this course is aimed at:

  • Senior System Administrators
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Auditors
  • Security Architects

What you should already know.

While not a strict requirement, we highly recommend you have some previous experience and understanding of the AWS cloud environment, such as:

  • Attended any of the AWS training courses
  • Have obtained any of the AWS certifications
  • Have worked with the AWS platform for a year (or more)
  • Have a basic understanding of IPv4 networking, routing
  • Have a basic awareness of SSL and SSH

How you'll get this.

This content is delivered through a combination of personal instructor-led training, and practical lab work. We keep our group small to allow as much interaction as possible.

The practical work is designed to give you the capability to execute on the knowledge learnt. Participants will require a laptop and an AWS account suitable for your experimentation.

More info.

Can I get certified?
There is no AWS-sanctioned certification pathway from this course, however the knowledge gained would be valuable in working towards such certification. Check out the official AWS certification
How long is this course?
The Advanced Security & Operations on AWS course is delivered over 2 days
What equipment do I need to bring?
Please bring your laptop to perform the exercises and lookup reference material. It must support a WiFi connection and/or an Ethernet cable. You should have a modern web browser (recent editions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox), an SSH client (such as Putty on Windows), an SSH key generation program (such as Puttygen), and a Remote Desktop Client. Having local administrator privileges may also be useful for setting network access up.
Is lunch included?
Yes; sandwiches or similar is included; please let us know at booking time if you have any allergies or special requirements.
How do I register?
Check our list of currently scheduled courses and hit the book button to process via
How do I express interest for your courses in my city?
Please let us know and we'll consider scheduling sessions there!
Can I cancel my registration or change who attends?
Probably; see our policy here.
I have another question!
Great — please contact us.